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We are pleased to welcome you as an applicant to 英国最大赌博365网站. We recognize that the application process can be stressful for families anxious to find the right school “fit” for their child(ren). 而这个过程只需要很短的时间, following our steps closely and in a timely manner will facilitate the process. 


英国最大赌博365网站 is a "rolling admission" school and accepts applications any time. 入院评估, 随申请而来的学术测试, 11月开始对三年级及以上的学生实施, 以及一月份的pk至2年级.

There are multiple ways to learn more about HRA during 全球最大赌博365网站 season; 安排一次虚拟旅行 与HRA招生办公室联系, or contact our 全球最大赌博365网站 Office to explore other ways we can serve your family. 


欲了解更多信息,请联系HRA 招生办公室 at (757) 884-9148.


In order for the 招生办公室 to complete your student’s applicant file and reach an admission decision, 需要完成以下步骤:


  • 第一步:在线申请

    家长或法定监护人必须填写并提交 在线申请. 虽然并不复杂, 点击这里 for detailed instructions to guide you through this process. There are several steps to the application: receiving the checklist, 输入的学生, 父级和祖父母级信息, current school and coursework information (if applicable), 家长或学生的陈述取决于年级水平, uploading the Birth Certificate and current academic report.  在提交在线申请期间, 报名费$75,不可退还.00评估. 请 点击这里 开始这个过程.
  • Step 2: School Records Release Form and Current Educator Information

    家长可以打印、签名和注明日期 学生档案释放表格 并通过电子邮件发送给HRA招生办公室, and the principal’s/head’s office of the student's current school. Request that the school forward official copies of the listed documents directly to the HRA 招生办公室 as soon as possible. The email address of the student's current or most recent classroom teacher(s) should be submitted to our office.  HRA将联系他们提交评估表格.
  • 第三步:学生参观校园

    If health and safety guidelines permit, students will visit our campus.
    学术评价: 学术评价: Each applicant is required to take the HRA admission assessment test appropriate for his/her grade-level. HRA administers assessments in reading comprehension and math, 并评估一篇写作样本(1-12年级). Likewise, readiness assessments are administered for grades PreK, JK and K. 
  • 第四步:学生/家长面谈

    The final step in the 全球最大赌博365网站 Process is a meeting with Division Administrators and Teachers.  The student interview is required and separate from an additional opportunity for parents to meet as well.
  • 录取学生全球最大赌博365网站的最后步骤

    • 位置测试Due to the disruption of instruction in most schools in 2020-21, all admitted students 五月 be asked to take a grade-level placement test in the summer months to further determine readiness and grade level. Admitted students to grades 6-12 五月 take placement tests during the summer, in the subject areas of mathematics and/or foreign language to determine which courses in the HRA program are most appropriate. These students will be notified of testing dates, prior to the scheduling of classes.
    • 最后的成绩单: HRA will request official transcripts from the student’s previous school before the start of school.
    • 课程安排: 日程安排发生在夏季
    • 免疫和体格检查记录: HRA使用 马格努斯  online health records system and will provide the appropriate links to record that there is documented proof of every student having received the doses of diphtheria, 破伤风, 百日咳, 小儿麻痹症, 麻疹, 流行性腮腺炎, 风疹, 乙型肝炎, and chickenpox vaccines required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. These forms must be uploaded and submitted to the school nurse before matriculation each Fall to 英国最大赌博365网站 and/or the HRA athletic program.
The HRA 招生办公室 is ready to help you through these steps toward enrollment for the 2023-24 school year.
HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.