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  • Q. HRA的平均班级规模是多少?

    The average class size at 英国最大赌博365网站 is 12-16 students.
  • Q. HRA是否与宗教有关?

    英国最大赌博365网站 is the only co-ed college preparatory day school on the peninsula that has no religious affiliation of any kind.
  • Q. 有奖学金吗??

    (即奖学金 are available for grades 5 - 12 and determined by each family's demonstrated need for financial support. 一旦收到您的全球最大赌博365网站协议和押金, 你有资格开始申请经济援助. Assistance is granted on an annual basis, and an aid application must be submitted each year.
  • Q. 学费支付计划有哪些选择?

    学费可以按月支付, 六月至四月间的半月刊, 分两期, 夏天和冬天, 或者可以提前全额支付. 付款计划不收取利息 学费退还计划 是否强制所有家庭选择不预先支付全部.
  • Q. 新生被录取到几年级?

    英国最大赌博365网站 admits students entering any grade, PreKindergarten through 11. Though not common, there may be special circumstances under which a new student may enter Grade 12. 申请可以在全年的任何时间提交, and admission assessments begin in November for grades three through 11, 1月份是学前班到二年级.
  • Q. 我听说过很多关于HRA的学术严谨性. 这对我的孩子意味着什么?

    At the core of 英国最大赌博365网站’s mission to educate the whole person lies an emphasis on high scholarship and intellectual endeavor. This is coupled with the goal of preparing each child 在艺术上, morally, 为了高等教育和生活,身体上也是如此, 在一个包容的社区服务, 同情, 和卓越. 为此目的, faculty and staff encourage students to be prepared both inside and outside of the classroom. Homework, writing, 合作项目, and critical thinking are emphasized and utilized as part of HRA’s college-preparatory program. Though challenging, HRA provides plenty of teacher support for success!
  • Q. 什么是影子日?

    A prospective student can choose to spend a morning or afternoon on campus and “shadow” one of our Student Ambassadors. They will typically attend 3-4 classes, have lunch with our students, and meet with HRA faculty. This experience can be separate from, or in conjunction with the 全球最大赌博365网站 Assessment.

    请注意: Current COVID protocals have led HRA to temporarily suspend Shadow Day opportunies. 请与招生办公室联系 了解一个虚拟的学生访问.
  • Q. HRA每天的日程安排是怎样的?

    低年级上课时间(PK - 4)周一至周四:上午8点.m.- 2:35 p.m. //周五下课:下午2:10.m.
    中学上课时间(5 - 8)周一至周四:上午8:05.m. - 2:55 p.m. //星期五下课:下午2:35.m.
    上学时(9 - 12)星期一至星期四:上午8:15.m. - 2:55 p.m. //星期五下课:下午2:35.m.

    Students in grades 5-12 will attend daily 4 blocks out of a 7 block rotating schedule. Students in grades PK-4 have a primary teacher and classroom and attend what are called “resource classes.“取决于旋转, students will attend 2 resources per day from the following array of offerings: Spanish, 技术, 科学浓缩, Art, Music, 体育与图书馆.
  • Q. 学生的人口结构是怎样的?

    HRA draws students from all areas of the Peninsula and also from “across the water(s).《全球最大赌博365网站》, Hampton, Poquoson, 格洛斯特, 威廉斯堡, 约克城, 史密斯菲尔德, Suffolk, Chesapeake and Norfolk areas are all well represented in our student body. 另外, HRA is ethnically diverse with an international and domestic non-Caucasian student representation of 30 percent.
  • Q. 有着装要求和/或制服吗?

    在PreK-8年级有制服. Once students enter grade nine they are asked to wear “business casual.” Please refer to the school handbook for a full explanation of what is appropriate dress.
  • Q. 到哪些地区有公共汽车?

    There is bus transportation available for a nominal fee to students living in 史密斯菲尔德, Suffolk, 约克城, 格洛斯特和威廉斯堡. 点击这里 了解更多信息.

    Students in all other areas participate in the “car line” and rely on carpools, parents, and older students to travel to and from school and school activities.
  • Q. 学生什么时候有资格参加运动队?

    HRA有校队、初级校队和中学 运动  teams. Once students enter the 6th grade they are allowed to participate on middle school 运动 teams. 校际比赛从6-12年级开始, with 70 percent of our students competing on one or more of the 44 teams fielded in 22 sports. HRA还有几个五年级学生运动队, 为年轻学生提供运动技能培养项目.
  • Q. 我可以安排参观吗?

    绝对! 点击这里 to schedule a tour to see the 英国最大赌博365网站 community in action.


Learn more about HRA and schedule a tour to see the HRA community in action. Simply fill out the form and an HRA 全球最大赌博365网站 associate will contact you.

HRA is accredited through the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is a National Blue Ribbon School.